The system can be implemented on the basis of the TrueBeam accelerator with the ability to set up to 7 photon energies in the range of 4–20 MeV, up to 10 electron energies in the range of 6–22 MeV, the MLC 120 Millennium multilobe collimator, the therapy table with 4 degrees of freedom of movement, but also be performed on the basis of the TrueBeam STx system, supplemented by two stereotactic irradiation modes with a high dose rate of up to 2400 IU / min, the MLC 120HD specialized multilobe collimator for radiosurgical procedures, as well as m PerfectPitch table, with the patient positioning 6-axis for increased accuracy. Optionally, the system can be supplemented with high-dose electronic modes for carrying out total skin irradiation.

The TrueBeam system interface has a flexible open architecture with numerous visualization technologies and solutions for treating a specific disease. The system is integrated with the ARIA cancer information management system and the Eclipse radiation therapy planning system to facilitate the planning and management of treatment workflows.

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TrueBeam Radiotherapy System