he MINItrace Qilin is a fully automated, positron emitting cyclotron capable of producing isotopes to cover >99% of all clinical PET procedures. With sufficient capacity to support 3-4 in house scanners and supply local distribution needs, it has one of the smallest footprints of all clinical cyclotrons to enable easy siting and installation. Like all GE cyclotrons, the MINItrace Qilin’s vertical design minimizes radiation dose exposure to your staff and maintenance times for industry leading reliability.


The MINItrace Qilin cyclotron is designed to help you to be efficient and productive. It offers you:

  • High reliability
  • Easy operation
  • Automated production sequence
  • Low radiation dose exposure
  • Minimal floor requirements
  • Assistance in site planning
  • Easy installation
  • Variable configurations for target systems and chemistry modules
  • Full upgrade potential


The MINItrace Qilin production system offers you the following features:

  • Proton acceleration to 9.6 MeV
  • 18F, 11C, 15O and 13N available
  • Vertically oriented magnet design
  • Fully automated production sequence
  • Self-diagnostics and embedded control technique
  • >99.9% beam extraction
  • Two resonators, RF Power Generator
  • Hollow-core, water-cooled copper conductor magnet coils
  • Fixed-position, internally mounted ion source
  • High-grade radiation self-shielding

MINItrace Qilin Cyclotron