Alcyone Technology: Breakthrough system design

The Concept

Multiple detectors

    • Focus on the heart
    • No detector motion
    • Dynamic 3D scans

Enabling Technology

    • CZT detectors
    • Focused collimation
    • Stationary data acquisition
    • 3D reconstruction

CZT Detectors: a brilliant leap in resolution

Image quality in nuclear medicine has been held back by the limitations of traditional detector designs. Alcyone technology breaks through these barriers with unique cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) detectors. When combined with an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC), these detectors directly convert gamma rays into digital signals without the need for photomultiplier tubes. Alcyone technology combines CZT’s high stopping power with direct, loss-less conversion to deliver improved energy, spatial and temporal resolution1.

Focused Collimation: more information; less time

Another advancement with Alcyone is the use of focused multi-pinhole collimation to improve sensitivity and detection efficiency1. This GE exclusive design features an array of multi-pinhole collimators strategically positioned to view a specific body segment. With all pinholes focused on this segment – a volume large enough to encompass the heart – Alcyone delivers a “quality field of view” that focuses on cardiac anatomy and pathology with greater clarity and speed.

Stationary Data Acquisition: no motion equals fewer artifacts

With Alcyone’s focused collimation design, all views are acquired simultaneously during a fully stationary SPECT acquisition. Unlike other systems, the detectors and collimation are in a fixed position relative to the patient’s body during acquisition, so there is no equipment movement during the scan. This virtually eliminates the risk of motion artifacts due to inconsistent projections, resulting from patient movement projection to projection. It also significantly shortens scan times, reducing the frequency and magnitude of artifacts caused by patient motion or physiological changes.

3D Reconstruction: do more with your data

Alcyone takes advantage of a proprietary, fully 3D iterative reconstruction, developed and implemented in order to generate accurate and easily interpretable images of the myocardial region. The reconstruction model accounts for acquisition, detector geometry and physics, scatter and specific detector efficiencies and has been optimized for the best results in each clinical protocol.

Discovery* NM 530c