Maximise efficiency with a combo room for radiography and fluoroscopy.

Connexity* is a 90/90 universal remote tilting table system with single end support and variable height tabletop that allows for uncompromised access and automatic patient positioning with X-ray-free centring. With advanced applications such as Auto Image Pasting and Digital Subtraction, Connexity meets multiple clinical requirements with ease.

Get uncompromised access and ergonomy.

  • Easily transfer patients from stretcher to tabletop.
  • Roomy tabletop offers a convenient range of height adjustments.
  • Single-end support allows full rear access.

Enjoy fast, X-ray-free automatic positioning and collimation.

  • For patients on a trolley, tube rotation enables direct exposures.
  • A video camera enables X-ray-free centring: simply view the video image displayed on the console.
  • Facilitate collimation and patient positioning by visualizing the edges of the collimator and centring of the X-ray beam on the Last Image Hold of Fluoroscopy.

Advanced Applications capabilities aim to meet your diverse clinical needs.

  • Acquire multiple images with Auto Image Pasting to create a seamless image of long bones and spine.
  • Anatomical program settings automatically set the collimator aperture and determine the number of images.
  • Visualise the vascular tree using the angiographic and interventional module that features real-time Digital Subtraction Angiography.